Bakery Classes

The baking classes give you the opportunity to learn the basics of good baking.

You’ll get an understanding of ingredients, soft sponges, flaky pastry and beautiful puddings. The classes are designed to incorporate a varied learning experience of bakery and confectionary.

Some of the modules are:

  • basic baking;
  • baking with chocolate;
  • eggless baking;
  • fun with cupcakes;
  • plated desserts;
  • pies and tarts.

At the end of each session, you can take home what you made in class. You will also be provided with recipes of items you have learnt to make.
All ingredients and equipment to be used in class will be provided –just walk in!

Experienced students: You can also get your many baking queries answered here.

The duration of each class is 3 hours.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday – 10am-1pm

The classes are held in GURGAON.

Call +91 124 4222902 or email for course dates and other details.