Learn the art of baking and cake decoration from a Master Chef.
Beautiful scrumptious cakes and tempting chocolates stir up great memories. A simple blend of a few basic ingredients mixed with confidence can turn a simple dessert into the centre piece of any party table. While it is always possible to buy a cake and chocolates - the pleasure of baking and making one from scratch is undeniable. The process can be as rewarding as the result if you immerse yourself into the experience with the right knowledge.
Professionally equipped kitchen • All ingredients provided • Take away a goody bag with everything you have made
Bakery Classes

The baking classes give you the opportunity to learn the basics of good baking.

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Cake Decoration

Cake decoration classes give you the opportunity to create cakes that will impress friends and family.

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Chocolate Making

Chocolate making classes are as much fun as they are educative!

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